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Building a culture of sustainable development for continuous success.


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Sustainable development for continuous success.

KBDI has honed its skills in the area of research and assessments and have used this information to successfully inform strategic positioning and development of our clients. Our experience spans from product level to sectoral level development.




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What We Do.

industry & market research

KBDI is a full service quantitative and qualitative industry and marketing research company.  We deploy an adaptive approach to each product or industry being investigated to ensure that all nuances can be accounted for in the methodologies designed. The results inform product design, brand development and business development. We deliver keen insights that have resulted in short and long-term growth and competitiveness for our clients.

marketing plans

We engage in market studies and best in class or industry analysis to define the strategies and tactics that are an optimal fit to our clients' capabilities. KBDI conducts in-depth competitor analysis to develop market share growth plans, whether that growth is domestic and international.

diagnostic Assessments

Our approach to the organizational diagnostic is by applying quality management metrics, stakeholder consultations and in-situ process evaluations. We get to the cause of both problems and successes; providing our clients with comprehensive insights to their current situations. We then collaboratively develop HOW to close the gap so as to achieve the client’s desired market position.

project management

We provide project management and project coordination expertise where we WORK as an integrated member of the client’s project team. KDBI consultants are certified project managers and we guide the project in a practical manner while applying scalability techniques to reduce excessive procedures. We manage your projects for strategic business success.

strategic development plans

At KBDI we operate by the kai-zen principle of continuous improvement. The strategic plans devised for our clients are rooted in identifying the organization's distinctive advantages coupled with global benchmarking to increase their competitiveness. We engage in stakeholder consultations to map the organization’s value chain as vehicle to achieving business sustainability.


Our aim is to help our clients build a culture of sustainable development for continuous success.


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